Cool educational gadgets you should check out


Education has always been a passion of mine, one that I really didn’t have time to invest in the past few years. However, as I got to New Zealand, I have to admit that the gorgeous scenery and its natural history have kickstarted an old fire in me. And I started to explore some cool gadgets that could help me get further into my addiction and to explore the wonders that life has to offer.

And one of the first things I bought was a microscope. If you are like me, and you live in a bubble when it comes to specialized technology, you probably think as I did that microscopes are incredibly expensive. But the truth is, that is not the case anymore. Of course, the devices mean for medical labs are extremely expensive, but the ones for home use are actually affordable.

And let me tell you this secret. These clever items open a whole new world to you. They helped me uncover a hidden world that I didn’t even know existed. I used it to look at rocks, flowers, leaves and even at the food I give to my pet fish. And I was shocked to notice how much detail there is in the microscopic world. And another shock was just how easy it is to use a microscope once you get the hang of it!

They can magnify everything, really. And another thing I did, to show you just how amazed I am by this device, is that I bought slides off the Internet with a lot of tissues and other cool elements that I can watch via my lenses. If I sparked your curiosity, and you want to explore this topic even further, there are plenty of amazing products online, like the microscopes recommended here.

Another cool educational piece that I got is a 3D printer. Now, you must have noticed just how hyped they have been lately. And I am here to tell you that they are rightfully talked about. The machines really take your creativity to a whole new level, and they allow you to create unique stuff that you can show off to your friends. I was inspired to buy one after I have seen an exhibition here in New Zealand.

And I thought it was going to be expensive as well, but for someone who is just a beginner, I didn’t need one of those huge printers, so I settled for a smaller one with which I could practice my skills. And to do so, I even downloaded thousands of patterns off the Internet to try myself.

There are a few other devices I bought. Among them, I acquired a video projector, which allows me to watch movies and documentaries because I don’t really like being limited by a TV. But these are the pieces of technology that truly have left a mark on me, and that have changed the way I look at the world.