I’ve Bought My Own Raclette Grill and I Love It

Have you ever heard about raclette? It is a type of Swiss inspired meal that combines the guilty pleasure of fondue with grilling delicious pieces of meat, fish, shrimp or veggies, or all together. While of what I’ve heard, the way a raclette meal is served today is quite different from what Swiss shepherds used to have at the beginning of the 20th century, the idea is all the same: to bring people together to have dinner and have fun.

This little introduction brings me to the subject of today’s post. I got myself a raclette grill! Let me tell you all about it. The model I purchased is the Toastess TPG-315 and it is the ideal cooking tool for making a party awesome. What happens when you organize a raclette party is that you basically place the grill as a centerpiece and everybody gathers around it, and starts cooking their own food. Sounds fun? Well, it certainly is!


The model I got is for 6 people, and I chose it because that’s the usual number of people I have over when I host small dinner parties at home. Of course, if you are planning a large party, it is quite obvious that you need a bigger model, but, for me, this is exactly what I was looking for. I like the overall design of this raclette grill because it is pretty straightforward with a cooking area on top, and another area underneath for keeping your raclette dishes with the fondue melted and at the right temperature. Because it is round, it makes it easy for everyone to have easy access to it, so there will be no people dissatisfied that they cannot get to the food. Now that would be pretty frustrating, wouldn’t it?


So far, my friends and I absolutely love this raclette grill. Since I’ve come to New Zealand, I’ve made plenty of friends, and it is quite common for me to go over to their house, or for them to come over for meals. I have never been too much of a cook, so I am really thankful for having this raclette grill, since it makes things so simple. I need to mention that all the accessories you will need for this raclette grill are supplied. You will get pans, spatulas and even a recipe mini-book, in case you have no idea what raclette is all about (like I had). Plus, it is sold for a really affordable price and that is the best part in my book.

Now, you may say, how about cleaning after all that grilling and fondue? Well, it’s a breeze! Why? Because this model comes with non-stick cooking surfaces and I only have to wipe them clean. So, is there anything I don’t like about this raclette grill? I simply love it, so I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. I heard some people say that some bigger models have separate temperature controls, so that each person around the grill can play with them, so they can cook their food just the way they like it, but, so far, I’ve got no complaints from my friends. Plus, for how little I paid for this fancy party cooking appliance, I am thoroughly satisfied with its results.