I’ve been invited to a raclette party

Since moving to New Zealand I’ve made some great friends, and now I’ve been invited to a raclette party. Don’t worry, if you aren’t sure what one is neither was I. I had to research it online so I knew how to dress, what to bring, and in general what to expect. Thankfully it doesn’t involve any unfamiliar sports or games, a raclette party is all about food.

It seems that a raclette is a grill that can be used by several people at once. The whole idea is for everyone to get together and spend some time laughing, talking and cooking. This is definitely something that I am looking forward to.

Since my friend told me that there are going to be eight of us, I’m guessing that there’s going to be at least two raclette grills. I came to this conclusion since most of the models I’ve seen online have space for four people to use at the same time. Our host, or in this case hostess will have the all of the ingredients chopped, diced and ready to go. This way all we have to do is select the ones we want to eat. Like I said before, this is definitely one party I’m looking forward to attending.

While our food is cooking we have plenty of time to sip on some adult beverages and relax with each other. We can catch up on the latest gossip, have a few laughs, and in between we can eat and grill. I also love the fact that this is a casual party so I don’t have to worry about what to wear.


Some of the foods that are commonly served at a raclette party include potatoes and cheese. It seems that the grills come with special compartments that are designed to melt cheese and other ingredients. This way we get to pour delicious melted cheese on our potatoes, and pretty much anything else that might be served. Seafood is pretty common in New Zealand so I’m sure that it will be included on the menu, along with tomatoes, mushrooms, corn and colorful red, orange and green bell peppers. I think I’m starting to get hungry just writing this blog.

The raclette party is still a few days away, but I am excited to go. I can’t wait to share my experience with you or at least write about what I ate.