My life

Hello everyone! If you are here, it means that you want to know a few things about me. Here is the thing. While I am born in the US, and I lived there for many years of my life, I decided that a change of scenery was not going to hurt, so I packed my bags and I traveled across the planet, to New Zealand. You may think that is a drastic change of scenery and, indeed, you are right. But now, I am going to give you a few strong reasons why I did that.


People here are really friendly. At first, when I landed here, an American with no real knowledge of local customs and such, they were happy to help me out with directions and whatnot. Here they speak English, sort of. When I say ‘sort of’, it is because they have what is called a ‘kiwi’ accent. Don’t be afraid; it is nothing too dramatic and you can understand what they are saying and sooner than you think, you will start developing a ‘kiwi’ accent, too. At least, this is what happened to me.


nab4The next reason on my list: amazing scenery! Hey, here is where they shot Lord of the Rings! Who doesn’t want to see where the hobbits and their friends fought the evil orcs? I joke a little, but the truth is that the first sight you will snatch from your airplane window will take your breath away. If there is paradise on earth, this must be it. I guess there is no accident that New Zealand also goes by the name of “Paradise of the Pacific”. From pristine waters, where you can see trout frolicking about, to impressive mountains and beaches, everything is to love about New Zealand.


nab2I do not have a lot of space at my disposal in this post, since I want to make it concise enough so that I do not bore you. I started this blog as a means to document the changes in my lifestyle that are now occurring. I must say that things are pretty different from what I was used to in the US. Unlike many places in the States, where cities are really crowded, New Zealand is much less populated. This helps finding good accommodations and easy living really doable.


nab3In my future posts, I will try to cover as many of the sights worth visiting as possible, but I will also talk to you about the local customs, the local food, and how people here like to enjoy themselves. So far, my life here has been really good and I want to share my experience with other people. Maybe, some day, you will come visiting and you will love it so much that you may just want to stay!


Until next time, Kia Ora! (which means goodbye, as some good people here taught me)