My New Favorite Kitchen Tool – A Pineapple Peeler

I like fruits as a general rule, but, ever since I moved to New Zealand, I particularly fell in love with pineapples. Don’t get me wrong, I always liked eating pineapples, but, now they are part of my weekly menu. They grow all kinds of pineapples in New Zealand, and the best thing is that you can almost enjoy having fresh pineapples most of the time, since the different species they grow do not ripe all at the same time. With so many tasty delicious pineapples around, I had to get a special tool for peeling them, since, as you well may know, they are pretty tough to peel and get this apparently simple process right. Of course, they also have plenty of varieties brought from other parts of the world, including the large pineapple plantations in the Philippines.

As I said, I was in terrible need of a proper tool for peeling pineapples, and so I set on a search for the best pineapple peeler I could find. Have you ever used one such tool? I must say that before I only used to consume pineapple in various forms, but not fresh, so I was not aware of how a good pineapple peeler is supposed to work. Now that I have one of my one, I cannot be convinced to let it go off my hands. It is so much easier now to eat fresh pineapple and making pineapple juice is also a breeze, because the peeler takes care of everything and then I only have to cut the flesh into chunks and place them in the juice maker.

A pineapple peeler is quite a simple, but wonderful device. It looks like a cylinder with a circular blade at one end and what it does is that it separates the tasty flesh from the core of the pineapple, which is, as you well may know, unpalatable and uneatable. There is simply no other, easier way, of enjoying fresh pineapple than with this kind of tool. When you use the peeler, the circular blade moves round and round, cutting the flesh away from the hard core and from the exterior skin. All you get is rounds of fresh pineapple that you can eat like that, or use in various recipes, or turn into tasty, healthy juice. At first, when I looked at images of how a pineapple peeler should work, I thought that it must be a bit hard to obtain those nice looking chunks of fresh pineapple, but once I started using one myself, I was simply impressed with how easy it is to use it.

Cut the part with the leaves from your pineapple. You must first place the head of the peeler at the center of the pineapple; after that, you need to start rotating it clockwise, and you will see magic happening before your very eyes. The flesh separates easily from the rest and you are done. It is so simple and that is why I am an even more loyal consumer of pineapple than ever before.